Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hello.  Thursday afternoon.  I write just in case you are worried that spring will never come.  You may not have ever thought of the Montisi garden under snow.  At least this year it was just a few light dustings...  But today it is 'gardening weather' outdoors. Very balmy with still air and even warm sun....

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday morning, here in Montisi.  It is hard to believe that I've been back a whole week!  What a whirl!  There is so much to do and so many dishes to prepare now that I am back, with all the good Italian ingredients close at hand!  Most evenings I have a fire in the kitchen grill or in the breakfast room. Lovely and snug. Neve has figured out I'm home, so is very companionable and talkative. 

The film festival launch is nearing, with the website, though delayed, about to go 'live'!!  I'm electronically challenged by setting up a home theater in the living room to get a chance to view the films!  3 new and 9 classics/contemporary. April 6 to 13!!  I'll be sending an email out, asking people to join the association to support Montisi....  We take PayPal!!  :)

Italian masters
La dolce vita                                                               Federico Fellini

C'era una volta in America                                       Sergio Leone

I soliti ignoti                                                               Mario Monicelli

Il gattopardo                                                              Luchino Visconti

Divorzio all'italiana                                                    Pietro Germi

Il conformista                                                              Bernardo Bertolucci

Italian contemporary directors

La vita รจ bella                                                              Roberto Benigni

La finestra di fronte                                                  Ferzan Ozpetek

Nuovo cinema paradiso                                            Giuseppe Tornatore

New Talents ( we can invite the directors and/or the actors) Mozzarella Stories                                                     Edoardo de Angelis

La casa sulle Nuvole                                                  Claudio Giovannesi

Dieci inverni                                                               Valerio Mieli

And the village-beat goes on......
I heard that the Montalcino carabinieri (the head office) paid a visit and they were amazed at our 'informal' parking techniques.  Parking tickets are flying, but we are mounting a public information campaign to let everyone know the new rules.  Since we have plenty of parking in the parking areas, we aren't worried.  Just an adjustment to our success, I guess. 

Antonella and Maurizio's wine bar looks like it will open in time for the festival!!  Vitis Vinifera It's going to be absolutely stunning!  I think they are going to be able to schedule custom tastings, too.  The cantononi that is caved back into the mountain is such a wonderful setting for this.  And they have a wonderful local chef to oversee the daily operations. 

The garden is now hosting a pair of magpies.  I suspect they have figured out there is sometimes cat food available.  They are very comical and charming.  And skitterish!  Perhaps one can hold still for a photo in coming days.

Snow flurries have been visiting all morning.  first, tiny little flakes, like flower petals dusting everything, with the sky cloaked in soft fog.  Then dancing, whirling huge, wet flakes spinning through the air, with shafts of sun.  Now, it's lifting.  Cold outside, but spring is promising....  Here's a look or two -

All for today.  Snow isn't sticking, at least at this point.  The sky has become luminous as the winter sun tried to reach through the snow-fog. 
And this news just in, for those who know Giorgio and Federica and their little boy, Lio - on Janaury 10 Lio got a little baby sister!!  All are well and healthy.  Giorgio, on the phone sounds stratospheric, with the baby cooing in the background!!! Auditory sunshine!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Oh, and found two new, antique chairs for the ends of the dining table...haven't found the fabric yet, but guess who loves them, as-is....

BBAAADDDD  kitty.... but you can tell she's sorry....right?
My second day, back in Montisi.  Lovely.  Here are a few views around the garden.  I've built a little fire in the kitchen grill both nights, sipped some wine and made simple dinners.  Perhaps more sun tomorrow.  It is near freezing right now, at 9.30 pm. 

Neve is curled in the living room.  It's been clear and cold today.  Here are a few glimpses of the garden today -

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ah, Italy!!!  Back home in Villa Maddalena this afternoon.  It is one of those clear, cold winter days.  Ivo and Marta have everything in the garden looking perfect.  The violets are blooming and a few crocus flowers, too!  The goldfish greeted me, but no Neve, at least so far.

Tomorrow I will unpack, organize and take some photos to show you Montisi in winter. 

The site will be up in a day or two.  I'll email it around, just so you know what's going on this spring in Villa Maddalena!

Until tomorrow...