Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014, almost time for aperitivo.... 

This morning I awoke to an amazing glowing white morning.  A cloud had settled just over the wall, suffused with morning sunlight, but completely opaque.  The air was surprisingly warm and tiny dew beads had laced every cobweb in the garden. 

The day began with a strong coffee by the fish pond with Alessandro to discuss his new venture.  He's observed that not everyone has a kitchen like the one we all enjoy here at VM.  He is going to begin a cooking lesson program - either at his sister's new pursuit (running Santa Caterina) or at the new little cafĂ© in Castelmuzio.  The lesson will be E25 and begin at 4:30, hands-on and culminate with dining on the result.  Clever man, that Alessandro. 

The day progressed with graduate-level procrastination, since, as the cloud lifted, the sun strengthened and the garden beckoned.  My 4:00 with Gianluca about MIFF has rescheduled until tomorrow, so.... the day passed with luxurious slowness and warm delight, sitting in various locations in the garden.  Tomorrow will be charged with energy and purpose...beginning with coffee with Antonella. 

I DID meet with Francesco Trecci and discussed the planned commission for an 'animated contribution box'. 
The wooden top will be suspended perhaps on springs and the 'elements' will be on sprung steel pins, so that when one puts in one's contribution, moving the 'lid', the 'elements' animate, nodding at the contribution... wish I could figure how to get it to chide for more, eh?  Francesco liked the idea and will work on a design.  I have Eleanor Marriot, the photographer coming, as my house guest to the festival and we'll photograph it such that we can make a high contrast image of it, in hopes it will make a good graphic for a tee-shirt for next year - white ink on black cotton tee-shirt with MIFF as the caption.  Each year Francesco will update the box, changing the 'elements', adding feet, changing the color...?  Who knows?