Sunday, August 3, 2014

Villa Maddalena, one week's settling complete and the Giostra di Simone festival in full swing!!

Good morning!  So much is going on here that I will take only a few minutes to send you this greeting and set the stage.  Later today, I will write and post about the festa and the fun we are having, having given over almost the entire ground floor of the house to the Contrada San Martino!!

But first to introduce you to my breakfast companion - glossy and green in the morning sun....

The papyrus has grown very tall in its pots in the fish pond and this fellow turned and strutted as I had my morning coffee.

Summer lunch -
Patrizia and Giuliana now have, from time to time, fresh buffalo mozzarella....just add

..sun ripened, warm Fiorentino tomatoes and....

...some fresh basil chiffonade, a little La Romita oil....  Lovely lunch sitting under the pergola which is now heavy with clusters of grapes.

And finally, for now, the Ladies are arriving....

Last Wednesday 62 in number, this morning 128!  And they are about to unpack their finery....

Laurie and Martha, you will have quite a lovely parade of the Belladonna lilies!!

Well, that is all for now.  I will write about the festival and some of the small things later today.  Now, I must put water into the pond, water and plant a few things....  the air is soft with a very light breeze.  They are predicting, perhaps, thundershowers for the period of the parade and the jousting, so we shall see!!

Madelyn arrives Tuesday night into Florence and Wednesday she will have a massage and settle in.  We are here only a few days and then begin a month-long journey together!!  More on that later!!


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