Monday, March 25, 2013

5:30 pm, Monday. 
Well, things move slowly, slowly here, "piano piano" and then, all of a sudden.... So, a couple of things showed up today and some things got done.
Here's the latest improvement to the kitchen.  The shelf will help organize this little corner and make it easier for those of us who are pyromaniacs, to enjoy the process.  
 For those who had not seen the new frigs, here they are, but today the falegname came with the custom-made platform (piano) so that they could be leveled exactly.  Apparently not everyone who buys these things lives in a 18th century barn.  Go figure.  Roberto, while he was installing this, found a whistling air leak from Mannuccio's garden, behind the frigs.  We joked that it was Italian air conditioning and we'd keep it our little secret.  But we filled it with cement anyway. 

Here's how you level something in a kitchen like ours....
He and his dad built all the new windows and the beautiful doors back during the restoration.  So they went around and oiled everything and measured for new mosquito screens.  We decided we will take off the cords and teach people to use the built-in handle at the base of the screen.  They will last longer.  Patricia, he also fixed the window over your terrace door and rebalanced the other doors, so they open very smoothly now!! 

So, slowly slowly, then BOOM!!  Lots of progress.  Of course the dishwasher (on the left) sprung a leak  :)  Ah, the glamor of a Tuscan villa, eh?


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