Saturday, March 30, 2013

The First Annual Montisi Italian Film Festival - only a week away!!  We are planning a Montisani-only showing Wednesday afternoon (5 pm) April 3, of Divorce Italian Style.  We are hoping that the little ladies and gents who don't get out much and certainly would not come to see a movie when they think there will be foreigners (too confusing).  I've printed the invites, piles of which we will leave at the hair dresser, the grocery, the bakery, the pharmacy, the bank, the post office and the two cafes.  The contrade will be door-belling, too!!

Fundraising is crazy-making and we are juggling budget items and due dates.  SIFF has been great and has mentioned us twice in their newsletter!!!  This will attract anyone who is going to be in the area and acquaint the newsletter readers that the MIFF site provides all you need to plan a trip to Montisi.  We'll hope this helps us build a following for the site, no matter whether people come for the festival or at other times.  We are talking about how to link MIFF with the Giostra di Simone and the New Oil Festival...stay tuned. 

Everyone in the village seems to be on board.  I was even handed a flyer for a new walking tour service THAT FOCUSES ON TRUFFLES!!  During the March and November seasons, they will take you truffle hunting on a preserve with truffle-dogs!!!  I'll be putting together a letter for guests about this, for sure!!!

One of the women in the village is going to Tweet during the festival.  Whatever that is.  If you are interested I can find out how to connect you with her Tweeting.

If you are interested and willing, have a look at the site, under Registration....PayPal is easy!!  And your membership badge for this year gets a discount for next year - and a free drink or two!!  Thanks, in advance!!


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