Monday, March 4, 2013

Good afternoon!!  Feathery white clouds with strands of sunshine.  The deep purple crocus now are following the light yellow ones.  The Italian violets and Mother's are blending.  The roses have their first tiny buds and a few glossy red-green leaves.  The leaves of the belladonnas are luxuriant.

Today is the first day of spring painting.  I have a system and it works well and is fast.  Just touch-ups needed. 

Work on the library continues.  The new bookcases arrive today and then I'll inventory and try to organize. 

UPDATE - The delivery guys just left.  They were right on time.  Could NOT believe that it would fit up the main stairs.  Tried once.  Gave up.  Carried it up the Fresco stairs and into that hallway.  Stopped at the door into the mezza stanza.  No go.  Carried it back down.  I finally convinced them to try one more time.  Success x 2!  Stay tuned.  Fun to watch men throw around huge pieces of furniture!!

Off to make a cuppa before returning to the paintbrushes!!  The primroses are basking in the afternoon sun.  Did you know that only yellow primroses are scented??!!  Lovely fragrance. 


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