Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hard to bring myself to say, but, I'm leaving now, in a few minutes!!!  It's been a whirl and like always I never feel I've gotten enough done!!  But I will be back very soon, for New Year's, so can pick up the harness again, then. 

My Villa photogallery kept me company these weeks - for those who know -

As always, good food abounded -

Steamed persimmon pudding....

This last a new dish at Il Conte Matto - cavolo nero sformatino, with lardo di colonato and a sauce of ceci. 

And we had a visit to see the Christmas projects of Brigitte Deval and Kristina.  They leave in a few days for the Munich Christmas Market, which lasts a month!!  They take a variety of art-quality ornaments - tiny terracotta angels, silver and gold (real silver and gold) wire ornaments and, unknown to me - cut paper -


I show just a few of the over 200 that were made for this year's Market!!  The ones that are shown in the albums are actually ornaments, that fold out, like the tree, above.  They hang on the tree and as the air currents move them, they sway or spin!!!  Each year Brigitte and Kristina load up their car and take off to bundle up and display their Christmas arts in a small booth, together with several hundred other artists and vendors in Munich. 
Munich Christmas Market in front of the old town hall

Next year, I'm thinking of ordering a selection of these ornaments.  They are amazing!!!

The house, and Neve, are both in trusted hands - Misha and Dillon, from Seattle - and friends.  Good food, good wine and wonderful live music from Dillon, guitar and autoharp.  These two instruments are SO compatible with the house and the sense of a fire in the fireplace, a glass of wine and evening!! 

So, with a 'sunny sky' created by the last of the grape leaves on the terrace pergola, I'll say a fond "good-bye" to Montisi for a few weeks. 

And send a welcome to Helen, who is going to house-sit when Misha and Dillon return to Seattle in early December!!

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