Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Rome in the fall.....

Hello!!  Took the train down for a couple of days to attend the Rome Film Festival.  It was cold and rainy, so glistening streets and lovely scarves everywhere....

Last night walked the city, past the Spanish Steps.  Sat at a café and sipped wine and watched the city life.  Went to a showing of "Her", which I highly recommend at Barberini.   

After, I was longing for red wine and a slice of pizza (those who know me know that is unusual - the pizza, not the red wine).  Found a little restaurant, with pizza on offer, and live jazz - two marvelous guitarists!!  The waitress messed the order for the pizza, so I was able to change - fresh grilled orate and grilled veg.  And great music.

Coming along about midnight, past the Spanish Steps arrived to find them empty and sparkling with rain!!!  I took 2 photos, but, alas, the camera ate them....
Today has started off well.

Off to see a total of 4 films today, wander in between and perhaps meet a friend for lunch near the Vatican.  Will train home tomorrow.

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