Saturday, May 24, 2014

Spring in the Garden

As some of you may remember, when the house was being finished the garden hosted a small bulldozer that moved the soil around, graded for the terraces and finally moved the mill stone and the large stone basin into their final locations.  This stone basin was set where we had removed the existing calla lilies - planted elsewhere.  Much to our amazement, after a couple of years, what had remained of these bulbs, re-emerged from deep under the graded soil and the basin.

The Margaret Merrill rose that was a favorite of my mother, has finally settled in, under the apricot tree...
And somehow, together, they make create a symphony in white ~

This rose has the most wonderful scent - a combination of orange blossoms and roses.  I've brought  over 3 of these, bare-root, certified nursery plants.  Next season, perhaps another one for Francesca.

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