Saturday, May 24, 2014

Villa Maddalena - Garden 2014

Ivo and Marta are now caring for the house and its systems since the house is now 12 years along since its restoration.  Massimo, a twice-victorious Siena Palio jockey, possessed of a serious green thumb is now the garden maestro.  So, for the record, here is a view of the mill stone, the 'before' vegetable garden and the view over an artichoke.   Remind me to photograph the veg garden in high summer season.  Massimo and I have developed a new planting and rotation plan.  And Ivo has planted a HUGE terra cotta pot full of strawberry plants....

These are artichokes that were in this location in 2002!!  Delicious when the small ones are eaten as pinzimonio - raw, dipped in good oil and a grind of salt!


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